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Drs. Cardon and Smith are available for in-person workshops, virtual workshops, and keynote presentations on Teaching Interventions and other DEI Pedagogy-related topics.

Please use the contact form below if you're interested in booking us for a workshop or presentation, or if you want to submit a comment or question. We welcome our readers to share their own "teaching intervention" moments or questions about how to handle specific scenarios. You may inspire one of our blog posts!

Recent/Upcoming presentations and workshops:

  • Lauren S. Cardon & Cassander L. Smith, “Building an Inclusive Future: The Stakes of DEI Initiatives in Higher Education,” Spring Convocation, College of the Sequoias, Visalia, CA (Virtual), January 2022

  • Lauren S. Cardon & Cassander L. Smith, “‘What could I possibly say?’ Addressing Racist Dialogue in the Classroom” (Conference Presentation and Workshop), Leadership in Higher Education Conference, Baltimore, MD, October 2021

  • Lauren S. Cardon, "Striving Toward Inclusion: Rethinking the Classroom Experience" (Keynote), REFRESH Event at LSU, Baton Rouge, LA, August 2021

  • Cassander L. Smith, “Strategies for Teaching Race,” Romantic Circles/Keats-Shelley Association of America Anti-Racist Pedagogies Colloquium, upcoming July 2021

  • Cassander L. Smith, “Decolonizing the College Classroom Curriculum,” National Humanities Center summer residency program, upcoming July 8, 2021

  • Cassander L. Smith, “Setting the Tone: Inclusive Classroom Practices,” English Department, Sienna College, Loudonville, NY,  April 20, 2021

  • Lauren S. Cardon, “Pedagogical Values and Adaptable Practice” (Virtual Presentation), National Humanities Center Winter Residency, December 2020

  • Lauren S. Cardon, “Backward Design/Forward Assessment” and “Lesson Planning for Building Community” (Virtual Workshop Series), Building Connections Course (Re)Design Program, College of Wooster, OH, June-July 2020



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